Saturday night she made mention to her husband: “I should probably figure out how to use jumper cables just in case my car doesn’t start on the road trip.”

After a brief discussion she and her husband decided not to worry about it, since she recently joined triple A.

The next morning she was so tired from staying up too late fiber-arting.  She knew if she sat down, she would fall asleep.  She put Pickle in the ergo to do her makeup, and finding herself ready several minutes earlier than normal, she decided to head to church early.

In her fog, she walked down to the car with Pickle still strapped in, and thought it odd when the remote control unlocker would not unlock the van.  It took her several minutes to figure out, the car battery had died…

It was like THE SECRET working against her–why did she say those words: “I should probably learn to use jumper cables in case my car won’t start.”

Luckily she was early and Pickle was already subway ready. She didn’t even have to go back up to the apartment, they just headed to church and were 5 minutes early.

She was so glad that she was on time, and that she had the car event so that she can learn how to fix it, and learn how to prevent it (yeah, it was a light left on in the back–KIDS!)



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