Heart Power

My Heart just about broke in two this past week.  It did a bit of mending Friday night as I watched the Bigs in their annual dance recital.  The icing on the cake: I was the featured vocalist for their concert.  I had one 2-hour rehearsal to learn it all, so it was a miracle that I got through it.

I’ve decided it takes a whole lot of heart power to survive this job I’ve chosen.  Oh my heart….I hope it doesn’t fail me with the ebbs and flows of emotion.

handsHow about this girl? Living up to her name…..P. Grace.


4 responses to “Heart Power

  1. cristiobrien

    Lots of prayers for Miss. Pickle. I hope you guys have fun on your cross country trip. You should come to Oregon.

  2. cristiobrien

    My prayers are being sent to Miss. P. have a wonderful & safe cross country trip. Are you coming to Oregon at all?

  3. JR and Karen’s wedding was in Oregon…..

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