My Loves


Mom, you know why Grammy has no wrinkles? Because she uses that cream for cows……is it made of cows?

Let’s go through the sprinkler and pretend it transports us to a different world.

Mom, here is a fact…..(I can’t remember what fact she told me, but I enjoyed the introduction)

Telling me about a friend who had the wrong lunch.  She told me the girl saw that the milk was chunky and that was gross….I explained that some people drink different kinds of milk and sometimes they have a different texture….then we both realized that lunch was OLD, and that is why their were chunks, and we had a moment of silence for that little girl’s tummy for the other food in the lunch she had eaten that day.

Mom, you do a really good job of being modest AND stylish

Being so excited for the road trip (already)

I took you on a little overnight at a friend’s country house, and as soon as we pulled away: I just love you so much–please don’t die! If you died, I would cry for like 2 years.

Mom, is the way you live your life right now, how you want us to live, are you being an example?

Being SO EXCITED for the road trip already, especially the car organizers I made for the seats.

The weather has changed, so you come home, strip and just spend the rest of the day in your undies


Mom, you’re an awesome mom, you are a mix of the horrible moms and the awesome ones, to make up the BEST one.  (this after I said to her sister: Stop it….go away.)

The roller coaster that has become the middle school admittance process.  I am so sorry for putting you through it.  You are taking it really well

Being a great big sis to the Pickle…you guys have some great conversations.

Mom, 2 pickles are better than one.

I left a bag I made for Lolly on your bedroom door and you scooped it up and hoarded it in your drawer, until you saw on instagram that I had snapped it and labeled it Lolly’s bag, then you gave it to her. Little sneak.

Your final concert at school was very awesome…you did a great job and I am so proud of all the hard work you have put into the violin since kindergarten!

The outfits you put together always blow my mind.

Making the right choices when you have been faced with a difficult friend situation.  It is SO HARD to do the right thing, and you are doing it.


You think that everyone on the subway is there for you.  When we sit down next to someone you work to get your arms free so that you can touch them and their stuff

You go to anyone. I love that about you.

2 days in a row of self weaning behaviors! Only nursed morning and night! woot!

Move, move move.

You discovered dogs….you light up, point, chatter like crazy when you see one

Chatty, chatty, chatty

Wanting to feed yourself!

I knew you were awake from your nap when I heard the light stitch turning on and off—you found a new thing in your room!

While playing the Barbie Game, the girls asked pickle, who was in her high chair, Do you want a boyfriend? And she very deliberately said: YEAH!

New Word: Uh Oh!

Over using the word HI, and making any and ALL objects a phone, that you put to your head and say HI to

DIRT—Grass–you love it all.


Taking all this middle school ness to heart, comforting our little Phoebz and “yelling” at the people that needed to be “yelled” at

Having such a short fuse with these kids on our mini road trips…I kept having to remind you–they are CHILDREN, our job is to TEACH THEM–they don’t come preprogrammed knowing all this stuff.

Your Duck Dynasty obsession.

You are such a morning person, we love the energy you breathe into the family each morning, I simply cannot do it.

Paying all the bills.

Supporting me on my road trip–I appreciate that.


Sending customized letters to each of my daughters, I especially loved the story about you coming to Queens when you were Lolly’s age and sending Pickle a letter inviting her to visit her because ” she needs someone to make a big mess”


I have so many who have been riding this middle school roller coaster with me, I feel so supported right now.  THANK YOU to all who have read my texts, emails, picked up the phone and felt for me at this rough time.


One response to “My Loves

  1. Aha! Lolly is remembering the little beauty lesson we had in our room one night when she slept in there! It’s all about cows! And thank you for including me in this month’s “my loves”.

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