Memorial Day Parade

When I was growing up, we used to go to or march in our town’s parades.  I was recently reminded of this experience on a ridiculously long Facebook thread that was started my mother posting a photo of us attending one of these parades.  She changes her banner on her blog often, but as of today, it is still the banner and you can check it out here.

Mayday4I decided I wanted my kids to experience a home town parade.  Their only context for a parade is the Macy’s parade, and I want them to love a down home parade too.


It was exactly everything I expected, and then some.  Cars threw candy, hot wheels, otter pops….the local karate school even gave out some medals to kids on the sidelines.


Every single emergency vehicle rolled along the parade route, horses, girl scouts, little league.  It was way fun.  I hope that one day I have a family big enough that WE can be an act in the parade—I am hoping there will be roller skates and yarn involved.

Jason and I are in an extensive research and development on our future life with grand kids. I know it seems soon, but we love a goal!  We have been popping up to Dutchess County here and there and checking it out.  We like what we see, and the Memorial Day Parade and Yarn Shop we discovered in Rhinebeck, won that town 2 points.





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  1. Sorry…changed the banner last night.

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