Here’s what’s going on in two words.

Eye Twitch.

I can’t get it to stop. I have tried all the tactics I can try, but I have a feeling it will not stop until I drive away on my road trip next month.

And then something else will most likely begin twitching.

Certain important somethings are all consuming right now, so please be patient with me.

In the meantime, I need suggestions for car travel with my children—you know them—I don’t need to describe them here. I, being the idea lady that I am, have a few tricks up my sleeves, but would love more ideas.  So, please please comment below. I will be in my minivan for over 100 hours over 7 weeks time. I will need ideas about:

Keeping baby entertained/happy
Healthy eating
Budget Everything
Favorite things to do in San Francisco

Ready, Set, Go–maybe this will help the twitch.


7 responses to “Here’s what’s going on in two words.

  1. We take a lot of road trips so I thought I’d add my tips. Our favorite road food is hummus and carrot sticks and some chocolate chip cookies that I make with hidden healthy stuff (like chia, ground flaxseed, etc). Also lots of bottled water. We usually look for grocery stores for food on the way instead of fast food or gas station food. I usually like to pack my own food that can last in the cooler for the first day and breakfast the second. There are usually leftovers that trickle into snacks the second day. That’ll save a buck or two.

    I would also suggest you prep for puke/any sort of bodily fluids. My oldest tends to get car sick out of nowhere so I’ve learned to pack extra clothes that are easily accessible, garbage bags and things to clean up messes. Because nothing is worse than being in a car for 10 hours with the stench of vomit.

    My youngest screams in the car often on these trips. Sadly, the iPad is the only cure for him. I’m guessing Pickle’s older sisters will help keep her entertained. Sometimes my babes are having a temperature issue, ie too cold or too hot. We’ve had many a stripped-down-to-his-diaper stretches.

    Good luck!

  2. one surprise per hour. duh.

  3. Raid Trader Joe’s for healthy snacks, but let kids pick out treats at gas stations, or when you stop – something to look forward to. Stock up at the dollar store for road trip toys/trinkets, etc.. Book on tape you’d all enjoy? Obviously movies, etc., and I saw your fb post about musicals and that’s a great idea. Last road trip I took w/ kiddos I printed out this road trip bingo I saw on pinterest and it was a big hit. Scour pinterest for road trip w/ kiddos. Ok, and I’m remembering when I was little and we would road trip my mom would give us a penny for every cow we counted (driving thru farm country), then we could spend the money at the next truck stop. Maybe you could think of some way for them to “earn” money along the way to spend on the trip?

  4. When we drove to Idaho a few summers ago, it really helped to have mini trips along the way. For example, next stop the Corn Palace? Worlds biggest shoe? We’re there. We also ate breakfast at the hotel, packed food for lunch, and then ate at a restaurant for dinner. Grapes make the best snack because they satisfy both hunger and thirst. My suggestion for Pickle is to change who sits beside her every time you stop. That will keep her entertained. Also, have your big girls make a playlist or two that last about 45 minutes. You can play them periodically to pass time.

  5. As a child we also had small surprises that would come out every so often-small toys and activity books to get us through. And books on tape are good, too. I’m scouring Pinterest as well. I’d love to know what you already have up your sleeve-if you don’t mind sharing. I’m starting my drive out west in July. I could use all the help I can get! Good luck with the twitch–just breathe… You can get through it.

  6. We’re planning a long road trip as well, and I’m nervous. Partly because I’m not someone who likes sitting in a car for a long time! You’ve gotten a lot of the suggestions I will be trying, but a few others are have something for the older ones that will work well as a lap/activity tray to do activities in the car and to store supplies in the car that are within reach (containers that suction to windows or attach to the back of the seat in front of them). Also, during bathroom/gas breaks, do some physical activity. Have some balls, jump ropes… and spend 10-15 minutes just running around and being physical during these breaks if possible. And hold off on the ipad/movies until you really need them. They’ll get bored of them after a while, and then you’re sort of stuck,. So have other activities and then when everyone starts getting really grumpy, that’s a good time to break them out!

    I would also love to hear the ideas you have already to help us out!

  7. Catherine Adler

    Asked Paige, my 8 year old and she recommended getting a Wendy’s kids meal – sorry we r not really healthy!, but their toy is called road trip activities – a little book with road trip activities but she wants u to know it won ‘t last the whole 100 hours ;), maybe u could just by the book w/o the meal?, ;)

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