11 Months

Saints alive, yesterday this little one turned 11 Months old.


She has truly turned the corner from infant to busy busy pre-toddling boo bear.  She is constantly moving, pulling up, playing the piano, pulling the bike down on her (twice),  emptying bookshelves, crawling, jabbering, eating, pulling down my shirt, sticking her little fingers down my shirt, refusing bottles, laughing at sippy cups, pointing, touching people on the subway, petting dogs, saying hi to the cell phone, spitting out objectionable food, swimming and splashing in tubs and pools and filling our family with JOY.

We are still in love with the Pickle. Can you blame us?

I haven’t had her weighed or measured recently, but I’d guess she is in the 18 pound range.  She has 4 teeth now and I still can’t get over her hair.  Still no interest in tv or books, she learns by moving….she is my most athletic child so far.  But….not sure if there is really any hope for athletics–we’ll see!

IMG_5468 - Version 2I gave her another haircut this past month.  It’s growing in nicely lately.  She has become very expressive.  One of my favorite looks is when she sucks her cheeks in.

I interviewed the Pickle for you, enjoy:



4 responses to “11 Months

  1. Such a great record of her the way she is now. She’s an active toddler and a fast crawler. Love her fish face too. You must love the interactions of her with her big sisters. She’s just one bundle of joy like you said!

  2. Her head bobbing and banging at 3:11 killed me hahah.

  3. she is so adorable. She’s lucky to have two nice sisters…

  4. Catherine Adler

    We just love love love some Pickle in the morning! Paige is home sick until Tuesday , so we r enjoying going through ur blog & she just luvs Pickle!
    Thank you for making a sick 8 year old giggle

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