Boston: Colonial Times

Lolly has been studying Colonial Times in 2nd grade, and as a result is very excited about anything that applies.  Boston was the perfect place to go for this phase in her academic career.




We saw The Old State House which has a Lion and Unicorn–signs of British Government, which incidentally were taken down and then restored later….so interesting the Unicorn right?

Faneuil Hall was also fun to see as that is another building from Colonial Times.  Lolly bought some Colonial Money to show her class.

On Saturday morning we went to the Boston Tea Party Musuem.  About halfway through Phoebe whispered in my ear: “Mom, this was SO worth it.”  Music to my ears!  The actors were fun and throwing the tea overboard was a treat.  We all played different parts, Lolly played the part of a man who was hit by a box of tea and knocked unconscious and dragged through the streets and hidden because they thought he was dead—but turns out–he was alive!

There is so much OLD architecture there—so many interesting churches!  I loved taking it all in.


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