When the eye twitch starts, she knows she needs to pay attention. There is always a reason the eye twitches.

This time the timing was insanely accurate.  She got a phone call, she hung up, it started twitching.  It was news about a job she didn’t get. She already knew she didn’t get it, but she learned more about the who, what, where and why.

Even though she thought she had completely moved on, the twitch informed her: no, you haven’t moved on.

She thought it through carefully, because she knows that is the only way to kill the twitch.  She realized:  it hurt her pride.  She had pictured the ending to the story all the different ways, and though this was her least favorite ending, she was sure she’d be fine.


Ugh—she isn’t fine! twitch…and now she’s mad that she can’t be fine.

She has so much to look forward to and to plan through September (good thing Halloween inspiration came early this year), and yet, she’s bugged.

She wanted to be the one, she wanted to beat the competition.

But as long as she’s comparing…there is not one aspect of her life that she’d trade. The job is nothing compared to the fullness of her life, and wasn’t even on her radar until a few months ago.  She was perfectly content being the mother of 3 and totally fine with not working, and then this little bite….so she prepared and pondered and prayed and tried and succeeded, but to no end.

She got shaken up a bit, knocked out of her groove and flirted with a new one….so she’s gotta find that groove again, find that peace in who she is, what she has, where she’s going.  The twitch is reminding her to swallow that pride, beware of coveting, and count her blessings.


Breathe, Reflect.


Breathe, Reflect…..


4 responses to “TPT

  1. I’m so sorry it didn’t come through how you wanted. Hang in there. You’ll get through this.

  2. This is so honest and real. I remember that feeling well. I hope writing it was a huge step in the realization of your blessed life.

  3. I can understand feeling bugged, maybe your pride being hurt a bit. That doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful for all your blessings or happy enough being mom of three. You’ll get the next job, hang in there!

  4. Always “Count Your Blessings, one by one”. It is so good for mental, physical and spiritual health.

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