Video: Fundraiser

This past weekend my kids participated in a play-a-thon to raise money for their music school.  I was featured in one of the pep rally’s to get people going!  Here is a little clip:

Behind me is an opera chorus consisting of parents, including a recent Grammy Nominee.


8 responses to “Video: Fundraiser

  1. Ridiculously FABULOUS. Oh gosh, I love you :)

  2. PS I had no idea Mary was such an accomplished pianist!

  3. That’s you with all your heart in your song!

  4. oh how I miss the craziness that is Kristy!!!


  6. So totally freakin’ YOU! Bravo, bravo on a pitch perfect performance “miss kristy thang”, u definitely used what you mama gave you! xo, from Orlando, FL – catherine, paige, & lily

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