Taylor Swift

The girls kept asking us what we were going to do the afternoon of the marathon. My Sister and I just kept trying to be vague, but finally the afternoon was upon us and we couldn’t put it off any longer.

I gave the girls a few clues:

1. We are going on a trip within a trip.

2. We are doing something country.

3. It’s epic.

They started guessing: horse back riding? ice skating?

4. It’s once in a lifetime.

5. It’s something we are going to see.


More epic than fireworks.

Lolly’s eyes squinted a bit and her lips pursed and then:

Taylor Swift?


Phoebz could not believe it….Lolly was just stoked that she was the one that figured it out.

Once we got to Lexington from Louisville, I said: There are going to be a LOT of screaming girls there tonight.  Phoebe: I’m going tobe one of them!

Aprtay sw

On the way to checking into our hotel we saw the many many Taylor Swift Vehicles. Holy Cow, it takes a fleet:

Being the RED Tour, we had to have red lips that night. Nice photobombing by Jason and the Bathroom Staff!

ts1It was a great first concert appearance for these little turkeys. Though Jason and I thought Ed Sheeran was absolutely brilliant–he even took our picture during a song, Lolly was super offended by his use of the phrase: Hell Yeah.

Finally Taylor was on in full force.  The girls knew all the songs, I knew most of them too. I loved her use of the various stages and flying from one to the other was an unexpected affect.  I wanted to buy red sparkly keds after she wore hers to open.  Phoebz loved all her monologues between songs….and I loved the creative concepts for some of her bigger hits, her insertion of HEY HO and her dancers.  Lolly wore pigtails because she thought that was country.  Jason made us wear ear plugs because he’s old.


Thanks Dad for searching for tickets for months and finally finding the exact right experience for us.  Taylor Swift Forever.




6 responses to “Taylor Swift

  1. Where was the pickle?

  2. What did you do with pickle? What an amazing experience!! You are great parents!

  3. Epic is right! You are the best at surprises. I love that J made you wear earplugs, so Jason! Lol

  4. Ah!!! We are big Taylor Swift fans over here. Can’t wait to take Audrey to a concert one day.

  5. I had an opportunity to buy tickets in the pit…and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t. UGH

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