My Loves


I love George Strait! He’s the MAN!

“You need deodorant for your farts”

Oh the ups and downs of your emotions—hate your sister in the morning, love her in the evening

Pottermore obsession

Reading me all the parts of her skit she starts speaking in this accent from another land. I say: Isn’t that character supposed to be Spanish? HER: Yes, but I am not very good at a spanish accent, so I chose Russian, which is the next closest (btw, it sounded French)

Your excitement about the news we were seeing Taylor Swift. You were SO into it and SUCH a tween—like perfectly aged for it and looked young and innocent too and I loved watching you watch her.

I love your enthusiasm when adventure is awaiting us.


You use the word DEFINITELY a lot now and I like it.

MELTDOWNS after the park—-it’s just too much for you—all this sun and playing!

Asking SO MANY questions when exposed to literature or radio or television that isn’t for kids/straightforward—just take it in darling and it may start making sense in a second or two.

Making Pickle laugh by just looking at her—that girl thinks you are hilarious

Guessing the Taylor Swift surprise. After big sis had guessed: horse back riding, ice skating, fireworks, you were like: Taylor Swift….deadpan. Classic.

Being ticked off about Taylor Swift’s opening act using the H word.  You almost wanted to go home.

I loved hearing you talk about the concert as we watched it.

You love reading with your new scriptures as a family…its helping inspire all of us.


Your face when you went in the pool the first time—I will never forget that joy.

You crawled your way through the apartment to find me, as you often do now, and after some begging, I finally picked you up and you just laid the WETTEST kiss on my lips all on your own…a few minutes later you did again–I think you were VERY happy to see me.

First poop in the tub—gross

Waving Hi, and moving your mouth like you are SAYING hi at the same time.

Crawling all over the goose-pooped grass. And even picking one up. Must be the 3rd baby

Being SO EXCITED when you saw Lolly in the tub–you were all! It’s LOLLY and she’s in WATER! This is AMAZING!

Your third job–you were so good! You loved it, went to everyone who wanted to hold you, gave little cuddles and were too fast for the crawling shot.


You discovered Duck Dynasty–it is so good to hear you laugh out loud.

We watched Bourne Legacy and your ending credits Bourne dance did not dissappoint—EVERY. TIME.

You ran me in on my 12 mile run—that was a fun surprise.

you saw the poop in Pickle’s tub before I did, and since it was my birthday, I said: I got the baby–you got the poop! (I would have said it if it wasn’t my birthday too)

Trying to get me to listen to the new country station that just started in NYC

Being a great Dad, planning the Taylor Swift for months ahead of time….


2 responses to “My Loves

  1. I’m a long-time lurker/fan of your blog and was looking something up for my son, and think I found you and your daughter in a stock photo!

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