Grammy & Papa do NYC

We only ventured into the city once when Grammy & Papa were in town, but we saw some sights!

Pickle met her first puppy, which was really so darling, and they were so darling together….if I was a different woman living a different life, I would have taken that puppy home with me.

g and nBut I am not Kelly, so I will just enjoy this picture that will remind me of that moment at Union Square Market.

We stumbled upon this sculpture made of nails. 5000 nails.  It’s called The Bird. He really nailed it.

We stopped by Books of Wonder and picked up the latest Olivia book which is pretty awesome as always. And City Bakery offered us a most delicious lunch. It was beautiful weather and we had a great time seeing all the sites.


After we picked up the BIGS, we witnessed Papa play a pretty adventurous game of Tag at Central Park.

The next day we took a walking adventure to Peter Pan Donutsin Brooklyn. A few spanish-speakers on the street called me Diablo. I assured my Dad that happens with or without my horns hoodie.  The donuts were a buck each, which blew our minds. They were tasty, and I am glad we walked a total of 3 miles to obtain them, kind of made me feel less guilty about eating my Red Velvet Cream Donut….for a buck.



One response to “Grammy & Papa do NYC

  1. A good time was had by all.

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