Mother’s Day at Macy’s

I love working with Liz because I know we will be doing something special on set.  Ironically, I did Mother’s Day with her before. We found ourselves back at it again and she did not disappoint.

Yes we were on ladders. No, that grass was not cozy.  Yes, it was freezing cold and there was a heater blowing. Yes, that little pumpkin asked if she was done a bajillion times. No, the flowers are not real. Yes, that woman has two children of her own and a concave stomach.  Yes, she is Brazilian.

On another note, one of my favorite Mom’s is friend Alison, who stars as Edith at 6:26 in Downton, the Musical. Check her out.


One response to “Mother’s Day at Macy’s

  1. Not entirely unrelated: you were on my TV in West Africa playing with a puppet and balls this morning. Pretty awesome.

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