TPT: An Ipod’s Tale

She and her husband talked about it for a while.  She was begging for a new ipod for her birthday.  She wasn’t getting a big friend party, her sister just got a new computer, her ipod was old, not working that well, so it seemed reasonable.

Finally they decided to just get it for her.  She seemed pretty excited about it, though her reaction was much more enthusiastic about her new scriptures and the Squinkie Limo.

The morning after her birthday, the whole family was in the car on the way to school.  She thought the little one had maybe sneaked her new ipod into her bag, she checked it and saw that it was empty.

About an hour later she was headed downtown with the 2nd grade on a field trip. Her daughter was paired up with her two besties and they were acting wily and secretive.  She questioned them and got nowhere.  Suddenly the train came and they were headed to their destination.

She sat there taking in the 2nd grade, snapping a few snaps, and peered over at her daughter who was in tears.  She inquired what was going on, as she hadn’t witnessed anything, and her daughter rarely broke down.  Her daughter:

“Mom, I am really sorry. I brouht my ipod to school. I had it in my pocket the whole time, and I was holding onto it in my pocket and now it’s missing!”

She couldn’t believe that it was actually, truly missing, a 24-hour old brand new iPod, her daughter could NOT have been THAT irresponsible. Right? She talked her through it, mentally retraced her steps, remained calm, and acted encouraging.  She also added: “This is a very hard lesson for you to learn, because now I know that you are not responsible enough for an ipod.”

She encouraged her to shake it off and try to enjoy the field trip.  After another hour, she noticed there were 5 text messages on her phone. The first four from her sister telling her someone had contacted her from New York City about a lost ipod. The 5th was from the iPod Savior.  She had texted her name, number, where she found it and wanted to meet up to return it to her.

She debated on how long she let her daugher sweat it out.  She consulted her husband who suggested she not let her suffer the rest of the day, because she really was suffering.

After the field trip, on the train ride home, she handed her the phone and she read the text from Jen and smiled.

The lesson they learned that day? There are still wonderful people in the world who just want to get the brand new ipod back to the probably underserving irresponsible sad little boo bear.

Lucky Lucky.


2 responses to “TPT: An Ipod’s Tale

  1. Helen Knowles

    TPT is a great way to start that day – what a terrific learning experience (but my kids would have suffered for years because I wouldn’t have bought the Ipod until they were older). She was lucky there was a kind soul in NYC who found the phone.

  2. There is goodness in the world. Our daughter had a similar experience. Glad you were able to see goodness too!

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