Baptism Day

We had a very special weekend.  Our Lolly turned 8 last week and on Saturday she was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


I found these vintage photos of her Dad and me on our baptism day.  Look! My mom wore red to both!

I clicked on over to check out Phoebe on her baptism day, wearing the same gown, and look at the difference in height on those girls!

The baptismal font room in our church building was filled to the brim with loved ones, family, friends, school mates, teachers, and ward members.  That is a lot of attention for one 8-year-old.  A friend of mine once coined Lollz as Predictably Unpredictable. She did not disappoint at her baptism.

The water was freezing cold and she had to get dunked twice because the first time she was not fully immersed.  After that second dunk, she was in tears.  I met the most pathetic little dear after she walked up those steps in the font, and tried to get her dry and warm as soon as I could.  Apparently everybody heard the racket of sobs through the walls.

Phoebe played a beautiful violin solo while she changed, called I’ll Walk With You, and by request our friend Steve Martin tied in AUTOMOBILES to his talk on The Holy Ghost.  Patty Sue gave a talk on Baptism and tied in the Hobbit.  Lolly loved it.


It was great to have my parents there. There was this CRAZY flood situation in Chicago and all airports were down, so they ended up driving here and back home—TROOPERS!


One of our special guests was a friend that my Mother knew back when I was a little tyke.  Her daughter lives in NYC now and we reconnected as adults, 30 years later….so we took a 3GEN pic of us all together. CRAZY.

Lolly’s friends enjoyed the slideshow I made of her life to this point!

Freshly dunked and doing just fine.



2 responses to “Baptism Day

  1. We talked about it all the way home! We had such a great time and always love being with the Posse.

  2. Poor thing! I guess she will always have something to talk about now . Congratulations!

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