10 Months

Our baby has officially CHANGED this past month.  One day Crawling just CLICKED and now she is super fast.  The other day at a casting I put her down and then the rest of the moms followed suit (people are sheep I swear), and I was surprised to see that she was the fastest baby. The palms of her little hands slap the wood floors of our apartment, and go super fast when she is up to no good.  There is no use trying to keep her in my arms, she crawls basically everywhere.  I consider this a portion of her vaccines…especially that day she examined a piece of Goose Poop VERY closely.  This month I noticed she has started sweating—that’s how hard she is working.


This month she mastered clapping, waving Hi, and SO BIG.  She knows that SO BIG requires raising her arms AND making a vocalization. She says something EVERY TIME she raises those arms.

Those are the props I gave her to attempt a sitting still picture….it’s basically impossible.
IMG_5264Determined little bugger.  She also says Hi and Bye-Bye.  Strangers everywhere we go engage with her, and it takes her about 7 solid seconds to process that they are saying hi to her and she should recipricate…such a little sweety.  She touches the people we sit next to on the subway, today she even grabbed a mans stubble…I gotta get quicker.  Her preference is to sit next to the subway pole so that she can touch it. More extra vaccinage.


She’s pulling up on anything she can, but not quite cruising yet. She also still needs to work on her fine motor skills….she prefers that I put the food in her mouth still….but she is making slow and steady pickle progress.

Check out her new skeelz:

I’m so mad she is already this old. Boo. Hiss.

Post Script: We weaned her off the Magic Sleep Suit this month AND she has 3 teeth, 1 more about to pop! Lashes—still amazing and still cutest baby ever.  Also, 2 jobs so far…..



5 responses to “10 Months

  1. Helen Knowles

    She is so dear – but I couldn’t see the video – it’s marked private.

  2. i cant watch your video because it says its private!!fix it im dying to see pickle!!xo

  3. OK! I fixed it, sorry ladies

  4. My favorite is when they do the hand waving to themselves. Such a fantastic age.

  5. I have an 11 month old baby boy and he loved the video. He was waving back at her :)

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