Alumni Night




byu bballI am a Cougar by Marriage, a Terrapin too. I feel like more of a Terp than a Coug because I was with Jason to experience University of Maryland…but the more I visit Provo and spend time on the campus or interacting with BYUites, the more I feel like one of the gang.

Last week we went to back-to-back BYU/MD games at Mad Square. I hadn’t been there for a long time, and not since it was renovated.  I have never done this, but I actually researched the food choices before I got there. I was psyched to eat this burger with delicious cheddar and bacon onion jam.  I chased it with some salted caramel yogurt. NOT VEGAN.

Jason brought our friend Sean who had the longest hot dog I have ever seen.  My friend Christina made the best sign which should have gotten on the dance cam, but instead will debut on my blog.

Baylor brought a lone triple-baton twirler—I loved her.

MAD SQU definitely turned up the entertainment values (lights, music) for the second Maryland game. Sadly, neither of our teams won, but it was a great chance for us to go on a date.


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