Fiber Arts Lately

fiber arts april

Lately I have been working on projects I can finish in one or two settings.  Above left is a hankie I embroidered at the most recent NYPL Crafternoon. The girls from Creativebug came and were very inspiring!  Check out this awesome video!  Rebecca had on the cutest little cat dress and necklace and librarian Jessica made that dress!

The Gnome I knit after I was gifted Mochi Mochi from Lolly’s flute teacher.  I wanted to knit it for her as a thank you.

My little buddy requested a purple hat from me, so I whipped this up just in time for her 5th birthday!  And finally the scarf was a combo of two yarns I picked up at the Yarn Sale back at Christmas.

On the side I am working on the cross stitch for Pickle’s Christmas Stocking and I really need to buckle down and focus on preparing everything for Lolly’s upcoming Baptism!  Focus….Focus. Put the needles down.



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