It’s my birthday!  Monday is probably the worst day you could choose to have a birthday (exception: Monday is Banana Cupcake Day at Sprinkles), so I started celebrating on Friday and tried to use “it’s my birthday” for an excuse for just about anything I wanted/needed the rest of the weekend.

Friday started out with an early morning pep rally at school, with some cast members of STOMP. I have never seen it, and it was pretty mind-blowing…now I want to go.
stompAfter that I went fabric shopping at Jem and Purlsoho.  Soho has so many beautiful things to see in all the store windows.  I want my Easter Bonnet to look like this I saw in a store window.  Jem is going out of businesses so I scored a bunch of stuff for a great price, and the materials to make these bags from Purl for a not-so-good-price–oh purl—I can’t QUIT you.

Amidst the shopping my friend Angela and I sampled some cupcakes from Billy’s and Georgetown. I finally found a banana cupcake that is similar to/rivals Sprinkles….and Georgetown Cupcakes still doesn’t impress me–though I did win the free one from the secret twitter password!

How crazy is it that I saw this Bill Cunningham message the week after I discovered who he is?

Well, 34. Honestly, this is my first birthday in which I am seeing the signs of aging….I pull back my hair and see the greys, my skin is looking older and the fine lines are appearing.  I think I am still okay with it, but it does make me think about things like…..getting older! My husband is 40 people!

Even though I am not in love with my body—gosh 3 kids!—I am in general very pleased and after my long run on Saturday, I feel like I am in excellent shape–emotionally, mentally and physically.

This year I have had some of my most challenging weaknesses take a turn, and I do believe I am turning them into strengths.  I feel like I have genuinely discovered true empathy for the first time in my life, and I am much quicker to give (wo)mankind the benefit of the doubt in most situations. I watched What About Bob the other night for the first time in a hundred years and it reminded me of all the knots I have untied one baby step at a time.

34! (34?!!)  Bring it.



4 responses to “Birthday

  1. Helen Knowles

    Happy Birthday – I keep forgetting you and Kim are the same age. Thirty four will be great – look how great 33 was!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!

  3. Wow…NYC must have some seriously amazing cupcakes because I LOVE Georgetown Cupcakes! Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful 34.

  4. Happy Birthday!

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