Scotland 10K


When I was plotting out my half marathon training, I discovered a 10K happening the same weekend I needed to run 9 miles.  I thought it might be easier to run, if 6.7 miles of that could be run with 20,000 other runners.

I planned it out so that I could run to the race and arrive right when it started. I got there at 7:58.  My plan would have been perfect if I wasn’t at the very back of the pack. I stalled for about 8 minutes, but it’s okay because I was so warmed up, I spent the first mile or so killing the slower runners.  It was fun to see men and women running in kilts and hear the bagpipes here and there.


My time this time around (my 3rd official 10K) was 1:01:28.  I knocked about 2 minutes off my previous times, which was not impressive to me at all.  But! Jason says it is still more impressive than “just 2 minutes” for a few reasons:

1. I ran 3.3 miles leading up to the 10K, including the beast (Queensboro bridge).

2. I ran Harlem Hill–also a beast.

I would add 3. I felt great the whole time…my body didn’t give out on me and I felt strong and swift….


4. I stopped to take a few pics, give my Bigs high Fives and kiss my baby.

I learned that Scotland’s colors are blue and white. who knew?

Yesterday during that almost 10 miles (9.75) was the first time I thought I could maybe train for a full marathon.  The training this time around has been far less brutal and I feel much faster.

I love running in the cold, but I am ready for a little warmth–come on spring.


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