Working Girl

workClick on this to have it open bigger and get the full story. In brief, Pickle had her second job (first as a Wee Willy) and she nailed it.  My favorite parts:

1. When we arrived I noticed a hundred binkies on the prop counter and realized they probably wanted her shot with one in her mouth. Uh Oh.

2. One of my favorite photographers, who I have worked with as a wrangler, was the photographer that day!

3. The client instructed the hair and makeup to do Pickle’s hair as: JUST WOKE UP FROM A NAP.  Perfect, that’s her hair all the time.

4. After I got Pickle settled on set, I escaped to watch the frames pop up in the monitor in the hall.  When the wrangler returned her to me, Pickle lit up and had so much to tell me about what just happened.  She seemed pretty excited about the whole experience.

5. She never took the binky or put the teether in her mouth, so we’ll see if her shots get picked.

6. Connecticut is so beautiful, especially the Private Beach Communities.


2 responses to “Working Girl

  1. Pickle is our Rock Star!

  2. When grown up she’ll be amazed she was working before age 1!

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