Easter Parade

When I realized that this year was an Easter Parade year, I knew I really wanted to try to do a good job with our hats.  I discovered some vintage hats in Chicago over Christmas and picked those right up, with the EASTER PARADE in my sights.

Working on each bonnet has been a good distraction from some uncertainties happening in my life right now (read: possible job opportunities).  A few weeks before the parade I suddenly realized that I must have a pram for my Pickle to ride in. Within 24 hours of thinking this thought, I had one.

I did a refurbish on it and then I got very dismayed as I saw the forecast get colder and colder. Last week I acquired a bunny snowsuit on ebay, with the thought of putting her easter outfit OVER it. When it came, I saw that was not going to happen so I tried to spruce it up a bit with some cuter ears and a little muzzle and I ended up putting a dress over it that I found at the salvation army the day before for $.49-

bf aft

It was the right move.

At the Easter parade you either take peoples photos or get your picture taken. Guess which group we were in this year?

IMG_5035This was our view for the entire 90 minutes that we shuffled along 5th Avenue.  One of our first photographers was Bill Cunningham himself:
easter parade

We saw so many sights, and I wish we could have stayed all day, but alas, I am the MOST enthusiastic member of the Posse (Phoebz a close 2nd), and we had to get to our church services, so a quick visit it was.

Here is what we saw:
parade 2

coll 2

We got our snaps taken quite a bit, but I was only able to hunt down a few internet sitings.  Here is Jason telling the NY Post that I am 31.

parade 4

He seriously doesn’t know how old I am , which tells me that fantasy 40th birthday party in my head is probably NOT going to happen.  Here are some captures:

Pickle was a big hit.

Lolly hated it.
And here is what we looked like:


easter parade dresses

easter parade 5

My hat had a hard time staying put, but that’s ok…I really do love how they all turned out.  Glad we remembered Jason owned a straw fedora too!

Happy Easter! Get ready for an Awkward Family Photo right…..NOW:


2 responses to “Easter Parade

  1. The threesome collage is really perfect! I read up on Bill Cunningham, I could tell from looking at his face with his cameral in hand that he was very experienced! Your family made such a visual statement, I’m glad you got noticed! Your details consumed head to toe and every “fiber” in between! The vintage pram really called attention to itself! 100% Brilliance !!!

  2. All of you look great! Love the hats and how cool that you were photographed by Bill Cunningham!

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