My Loves


Go-sees for Childrens Place, J Crew, Ralph LAuren–crazy!

You haven’t cried yet on two different jobs—way to go. After the second one you had so much to tell me!

Crawling in the tub-back and forth and back and forth

2nd Tooth: March 22  3rd Tooth: March 24th

Crawling: March 9

Going on a TOTAL Hunger Strike when left with babysitters—not. good.

When the Bigs and Jason leave in the morning, you cry/yell after them

You have figured out where we are in the bedroom. Sometimes you make your way over and press the bumper bad down so you can stare at us. My favorite was when you were yelling at me like the baby version of: HEY! OVER HERE! I can SEE you!   And one night at 3 AM you yelled DAD! 3 times…

Our life has changed completely this month. You are busy and crawling and crazy!



We were singing together to make 7th chords. I asked you where you learned to sing 7 chords: “flute? theory?” and you said: “I was BORN with it!” (with the tone that indicated, DUH)

Jason was describing a scenario at school in which you could behave like Jesus and he asked that question: What would Jesus do? Your answer: He would Go with the Flow

You always have auditions in the worst part of town (various Manhattan locations)….Queens is so beautiful.

I wish I could get kdinapped–I just want to have that experience-and then get saved.  –seems like it would be adventurous.

Your primary teacher always tells me you have the best things to say in the class…for example your teacher asked: What is that thing on Jesus’ head (crown of thorns) and you answered: “ummmm, a nest? For the birds to sit in it?”

Lolly and Phoebe came out of their bedroom after MUCH deliberation and announced: “EVERYONE-we are taking dinner tonight, Downton Abbey Style!”

da stylePhoebe:

Glad you are not too old for Egg Hunts and swinging at the playground.

Your pattern combinations are out of this world.

We were alone together as went to Crafternoon for your birthday celebration and it was really strange being one on one with you, it hasn’t happened in a long time, and surprisingly, we didn’t have much to say

You were so great at the Easter Parade. I am glad you loved your hat and smiled for all the photos.

Watching you read through the entire Harry Potter series was really fun to see. You got so mad at the parts they left out of the movies.

You are having a difficult time with a friend, but I was proud of you when you accepted an invitation to play anyway.


thanks for trying to help out when I had a cold

I haven’t had work bites in a while and I forgot just how supportive you are of any leads I get. Thanks.

You were SUCH a great sport for the Easter Parade and the pram acquisition and having so many girls in your life.


When you came to stay with Phoebz while we were in AZ, you came out of the bathroom with the shower cap on–love!

Thanks for taking great care of Phoebz


3 responses to “My Loves

  1. I was wondering when you were going to get that beautiful baby in the bizz. She is stunning! Happy Easter!

  2. When Thayne was 4 he had learned about Jesus in Primary and told us he had a crown of horns! Kids are funny! You have so much to love and possibly because you have such gratitude for them.

  3. Always grateful to be included in the “loves”.

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