Easter Saturday

Our Bunny visits us on Saturday morning.  The girls decided Pickle got first go at the mini Easter Egg Hunt in our Apartment.  Sure enough, she stopped at the first egg she saw and the rest was history.  The girls have not yet outgrown this tradition, and they love it.

egg hunt apt
After I ran 8 miles at my fastest long-distance pace so far (yes!) we headed over to our neighborhood Egg Hunt.  The girls scored quite a few eggs at that one too.  Pickle got a lot of looks from passersby, as we did our Pram trial run for the Easter Parade on Sunday.


It was beautiful weather and fun family time.


Look at these two guilty girls caught red-handed eating sugar???


Isn’t he so handsome with his new haircut and new jeans and sneakers ?



2 responses to “Easter Saturday

  1. Catherine Adler

    Happy Easter to the Glass family! Can’t wait to hear about the parade today, love Pickle’s pram-you’re a girl after my own heart!
    And love mr. Glass’s new sneakers ;)

  2. Phoebe’s outfit at the egg hunt cracks me up! I found that traditions dear to a child’s heart rarely grow old. The grow dear. Thinking of you this beautiful Easter Day and looking forward to your Easter Parade adventure in photos! Be sure to overdue the fun-factor!!!

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