Easter Prep

I’ve been distracting myself from waiting to hear about jobs (always WAITING…..) by really jumping into Easter Parade Prep.  We only get to go every OTHER year because our church meetings are in the morning every other year.  This year we will get to stroll 5th Avenue as a family and enjoy seeing all the Easter Bonnets (just like Judy Garland!).

I made this squirrel for a bonnet:


I took a little road trip to Yardley, PA for this pram, and gave it an Easter Parade Makeover (spectacular!)

pickle pram

And I bought a Bunny Snowsuit, once I saw the forecast.  Now, Pickle will be a Bunny dressed for Easter, instead of a Pickle dressed for Easter, as originally planned—gotta have a happy (warm) baby now don’t we?  The other two, well, they may have to suffer a little.

bunny pickle

I know, I think it looks like a non-bunny creature too, and I may have to cut the armholes of the dress and put holes in the bonnet so that she has bunny ears, which is, frankly, going to kill me, but I could always repair it after right?  It was $7- on Ebay, the right size, warm, and a bunny….guys, I had to.

Now I need to figure out how to get the pram from my apartment to 5th Avenue on the subway, because if I am to transport it in the van, only 4 of us will be attending the parade.  Thank goodness for Uppa Baby’s–this pram business is Cray-Cray.

Needless to say, my creative juices are flowing. And though I am feeling pretty great about the Posse Offering this Easter, looking back on 2009 and 2011 is making me feel like my offering is still quite meager….but I DO have a pram this year….and a pickle….so—->


3 responses to “Easter Prep

  1. I can not wait for these pics.

  2. Ditto Lisa’s comment!!! See my ideas in your inbox.

  3. Looking back at 2011= I had forgotten those pics, really, really clever! Since my first trip to New York when they were dolling up 5th Ave. for the parade, I have wanted to be there and see the spectacle. (May 2012 was my second trip, going to come again soon with Scott, not waiting 35 years)

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