A Crazier Day in the Life

First thing in the morning I got the call that Pickle and I were FINALLY put on hold together for our first job.  I had to converse about some holds I had on certain days of the shoot and make sure everything was good to go.  I was thrilled.

Look! We can still fit on a two-seater!

Look! We can still fit on a two-seater!

We got to the casting at JCREW right when it started at 9:30 AM.  2 other babies were already there hanging out. I had the whole gang with me as it is spring break.  After a half hour, I went to the receptionist and asked the status of the person we were expecting—nothing–no update.

45 minutes later everybody was getting pretty antsy.  By this time there were only 4 babies there.  I saw a sheet on the table that indicated 9 were expected, and the outfits they were to try on were sitting there too.

Finally our guy comes in and explains nobody told him we were here…which is SUPER frustrating to hear when babies are now, bored/tired/passed-their-interest stage and you have 2 more appointments that morning!

First baby FUHREAKS out when it is time to change her clothes.  I hear Mom and the casting guy struggling to get her pic, hemming and hawing about what to do…. I knew she was in a hurry and her energy was NOT helping the situation….I just busted on into that situation and wrangled the patooties out of that baby. We got the shot, she was happy for about 90 seconds…


I literally yelled that.  This baby too was not doing her best in the situation so I stepped in.

I had to go too!

Finally it was our turn and Pickle of course wanted to crawl all around that floor, touch that cashmere and oh! look! there is a safety pin and a TAG to examine on this blanket.

Finally I used my wrangling SKEELZ and got her to sit up, sit still and yes, folks….smile.

See ya J crew!

See ya J crew!

On to the next!

We rode the elevator up with a crate full of chickens who were modeling that day. THEIR wrangler was holding a very tall pole with a net at the end. When I questioned her about it, she said sometimes the chickens fly up to high points on set. Wonderful.

chickens on set

By this time Pickle was quite spent, so I worked to get her to sleep in the Ergo, in the event I could transition her to a couch next to the Bigs.  Of course she had been asleep for probably 1 minute and 46 seconds when it was time for me to go in. I ripped her off me, handed her to Phoebz, showed her where to escape if there were tears and said: Good Luck.

The callback went fine, the girls were fine, I had a half hour to make my last casting. We lucked out and had a cab day! We arrived at Ralph Lauren and saw a baby from JCrew who apparently was ALL DONE for the day  (side note: her Mom was wearing the most ridiculous go-go dress, lacey stockings and knee-length boots–would have looked so cute on a teenager, but unfortunately this woman appeared to be in her mid to late forties), and other babies were dropping like flies.  Apparently there was a miscommunication about this go-see.  I knew it was for FIT modeling, but not everybody got that.

pickle fitting

We were the last ones to go in. We were ushered back into a room where some lovely seamstresses oohed and ahed over the Pickle and said she should really be submitted to the print department.  They measured all her little pieces and parts–(did you know babies have a waist?)—and she just loved ripping up her paper nametag.  She was pretty much a perfect size 9 months and they asked about our schedule etc.   It was a great way to end the morning of crazy castings.

Until I got word that my agents had made a mistake.  I was NOT on hold for the mommy/baby job…just Pickle was. I guess I better get used to that. Out with the old….in with the (very) new.



3 responses to “A Crazier Day in the Life

  1. Sounds busy, exciting and an adventure. You’ve got daughters that are very well trained which is a plus!

  2. Maybe if you wore go-go boots you would have a better shot at it. All the kids are wearing them.

  3. Oh my word. THE CHICKENS! Also, I want to just tell you that I love how you just GO. Kids all on spring break? Awesome. We all GO. You are doing some seriously rockin’ mommying and I love it :)

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