The week before Coco’s birthday, we got to spend a weekend together–just us!  Nobody else in our clan of 6 (now 15) to bother us…well, except Pickle, and let’s face it, she bothered us.

It was really great to talk and solve problems and find out just what we have in common, which is a lot. For starters, we are the tallest girls in our family:


This sign could also say “Which Witch?” and apply to us. We have both changed a lot in how we manage our anxieties and the way we treat others and most importantly each other….we have grown!

We both really value our friendships and relationships with many people outside our families.  We enjoy reading the scriptures and inviting the light of Christ into our lives.  We believe in the Healing Power of Divine Intervention and sharing that knowledge with others.  I still think she thinks I was crazy to get married as a teenager and have a baby by the time I was her age, but she’s right, so that’s ok!

I’m so thankful for her service this past weekend as I needed a Pickle sitter, car and sense of direction: She provided it all for me.

Happy Birthday Baby Sister.


3 responses to “Coco

  1. beautiful.

  2. Kristy, This is the only avenue I could find to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness toward my daughter who is currently serving a mission in NYC. It was so sweet of you to treat the sister missionaries to waffles at the waffle cart outside the temple. We miss her so much, and it does my heart good to know that there are wonderful people like you that she comes into contact with. I hope one day one of your own daughters will be blessed with the same type of experience, then you will know just how much a mother appreciates others showing love to her child when she is not able to be there. Thank you so much!!
    Jill Lancaster

  3. That’s awesome. I’m happy you could have alone time.

    Shorty Sis

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