Dream Come True

RD1It’s lipstick, it’s costumes, and it’s on skates.  I think this is why I am so attracted to Roller Derby.  When I found out it is also pretty clean–no elbowing allowed–I fell way more in love with it.


Recently a friend of mine joined Roller Derby and I had the privilege of discovering Roller Derby with her team last week.  I met the Mama’s of the team, Jupiter & Punch Face and then I got geared up.  Pandora showed me the ropes, and let me just tell you—these girls are ATHLETES.  Squat-skating was so challenging–my legs were BURNING!


I tried to block, but almost threw my back out, my target was so thick.  It was only a few hours, but I couldn’t stop smiling.  In another life, perhaps, I will be a true derby girl—and I will steal my friend’s name: Domiknitter–PERFECTION!


For now, you can call me Little Miss Sharp, or Sharpie for short (get it, Glass? sharp?).  Who knew there was another sport for my sparkle skirt?


One response to “Dream Come True

  1. Haha, is the squat skate for balance to embrace hits? Are you allowed to just deck people?

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