9 Months

9 monthsPickle is 9 Months old. She has one little snaggle tooth on the bottom, she can scoot around the apartment with a lot of speed. When the Bigs and Jason leave in the morning, she gets upset.  she yells for us from her crib when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Last week at 3 AM, we heard the following distinct word 3 times in a row: Dad!

She isn’t talking yet, but we are positive that is what she said.  She has a fair amount of separation anxiety, she will NOT take a bottle anymore (or sippy cup)….and so we are in trouble.  She is very difficult to photograph, but don’t tell any future clients ok?  I don’t know what to do with her hair either.

9 months 2


One response to “9 Months

  1. I love her hair swooping to the side in the last pic and her silly tooth!! Where have 9 months gone?

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