On Bonding

I think one of the reasons I will never forget my Twin Friends from back in the day, is because we bonded.  It was unique to have identical twin friends–they were my first set–and also the three of us, along with one other girl, were the youngest in our children’s chorus by several years.  As evidenced in the next few photos, you can see we were in elementary school and most of the other kids were in high school. Here we are pictured with the founder of our children’s chorus, Helen Grubbs (far left), who died of cancer when we were all still very young:

YNS2As you can see, there was a theme in the hair-don’ts do’s of 1989.

YNS3 1

Here we are pictured at the airport, back in the day when ANYONE could see you to the gate.  That is my brother Sam in the stroller, checking things out, and their Mom is sitting with us–she was our chaperone.

We went across the country to sing in all sorts of places including Disneyland and The Queen Mary in CA and Temple Square in SLC.  We stayed at host family’s houses and the day the family was supposed to get us to the airport, they were late and we missed our flight…this trip alone was a bonding experience for us.

YNS4Look at our little outfits! I am the 4th girl from the left, wearing only the SOLID navy dress, the twins, though a year older than me, are to my left.  Our conductor, Judy Hanson (look at her STILL on fire with the Chicago Children’s Chorus), was my FAVORITE. I just LOVED her…. I am sure I was loving that I Got to sit next to her at this restaurant on our trip:

YNS 55

Remember when you used to double expose film? That is what happened here…I kind of like it. Check out one of the twins FLIPPY glasses (awesome.) And, sidenote: I think I look like ALL THREE of my children in this photo.

I looked back on another post I wrote about YNS and saw that we were together for our AMOCO recording downtown Chicago too–also an adventure that built our inner brave.  These experiences are what have seared them to my heart, and I am so glad that I bumped into half of them this past month.


2 responses to “On Bonding

  1. I think Ensemble wore the striped dresses. This trip was also a huge part of my life! The twins’ Mom and I were president and vice president and we had to sit down with Helen and convince her to change your outfits for this trip! (remember, before this you were wearing navy skirts and white blouses!) We were so proud of our new look! And not only that, we sent Dad and I sent our little girl off on a trip with kids much older! Thank heavens for the twins and their Mom! (One day you will have to post about your classmate who was also sent to Temple Square that Summer because YNS was going to be performing there.) I went with you to the Amoco recording and it was so fun! And, of course, the Twins’ Mom and I did not have our “city” on in the parking lot!!! The Amoco producers had a hard time convincing you all to drop your pristine diction! I heart YNS!

  2. You and your daughters are such look alikes. I love the sailor dresses! Neat experiences for youngsters!

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