Third Person Thursday

She was visiting Arizona, trying to get something out of the church services. Her baby, who struggles to be content at church anyway, was also dealt a 2-hour time change, so she lasted about 15 minutes before she needed more.

She walked the halls, tried to find a spot to rock her in a chair (but all were occupied in the mother’s room), and finally just sat on a folding chair in the foyer and bounced the baby on her leg.

A woman entered the building, small-in-stature, holding a baby that looked to be about half her length.  She was instantly drawn to this woman and unabashedly stared at her.  She thought: this is a seasoned mother, this is not her first baby, she has this calmness about her.  The woman passed her and picked up her child from a nearby room (see? she was right…not her first).

The woman disappeared down the hall, and she got distracted by watching other people coming and going, until she returned.

Now she had 3 children with her, including the baby.  She watched as people stopped to say congratulations, comment on her new hair, talk about how their family had 9 kids and couldn’t imagine life without that last one….which made her wonder: how many kids does she have?

Just by watching the comings and goings and the small bits of conversation, she soon figured out that she had 6 and was expecting #7.  She was fascinated by anyone who was having their 7th child in the year 2013 and appeared to be around her own age.

And then, a realization and an exclamation all at once, she found herself saying, as she walked by with her brood: “Do you have a twin sister?”

It was out there and she responded: “yes(?)” And her next line was: “I know you… are one of the twins that I was in children’s choir with….”

And there it was.  It had been almost 25 years since they had seen each other, and she recognized this girl she used to sing with, purely by the energy she carried with her….she truly had not changed.

They caught up for only a few minutes and took a quick photo to document it.  She was pretty floored, but her friend remained ever the calm girl she had always been. “7 children?” (name that movie)


friendsHere we are in the foyer with all of children minus 2 (Phoebz and baby in the belly). And here we are on a plane (back when they used to serve delicious meals!) on a flight from SLC to CA during our children’s choir tour. She is in the foreground, her twin sister in the background.


5 responses to “Third Person Thursday

  1. Helen Knowles

    This is why TPT should be revised more regularly – this is a great post.

  2. That is fantastic. How great!

  3. kinda unbelievable!

  4. Who would have ever in a million years thought you would meet up again? Being that you are both LDS narrows the possibilty ever so slightly. Just meant to be that your paths should cross, with technology your world of reconnection is wide open!

  5. That is so so AWESOME!

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