When it Rains…..

A lesson I have learned this week:

When work creeps in, my  brain fills up with that and takes the place of blogging and knitting.

Not sure I will be able to get back to any type of quality blogging (Are we really going to judge the blogging here? quality? let’s skip that and just say:) BLOGGING until….let’s just say…..later.

But! In the meantime, you can mark your calendar for:

MARCH 20th when I will be on The Today Show during the 8 o clock hour (so I’m told) modeling SPRING TRENDS with Chassie.

And, you can laugh at this photo I found when I played Rose Alvarez (I know, stop it, now….not worse than playing Golde in my high school’s production of Fiddler), in 2001.


bye bye birdie*photo

And forgive the touch and go.  I am thinking and preparing and shopping and going on a trip and trying to get Pickle to take a bottle again so that I can get all of that done! And I will be counting on this lady big time.  And maybe I will be able to blog about this week’s adventure some time, and maybe not, but just know, I’m having a great week.

Now I have to get rid of this cold. Shoo.


3 responses to “When it Rains…..

  1. I love when you are busy! You do busy so well. Congrats on all the goodness. Have a great week!

  2. I am thrilled for you. My Dad always knew when I was creatively busy, I was talkative and happy, on the contrary when I wasn’t he knew I was a bit down and even depressed. Productive busy is a good thing for many of us. Enjoy it as I know you will!

  3. Helen Knowles

    The one day I’ll have to DVR the show – have an early morning appt. How exciting – seems like awhile since we last saw you on TV (but then you’ve been a little busy creating a little Pickle).

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