My Right Foot!

I had a lump in my foot for a good long while. After I had come up for air after giving birth to Pickle, I saw training for a half marathon in my future and decided to investigate the lump.

After a podiatrist visit, x ray, mri, second opinion from my foot surgery, turns out it was just a cyst.

I scheduled surgery for early January, to not only have it removed but to have the source of the leak fixed to stop recurrence. But then I put on a pair of tight boots, walked around for 4 hours and it burst…so I cancelled the surgery

Bible Cysts, look it up.

It quickly came back, but it doesn’t impede my training, so I ignore it.

Last weekend it burst again during the 4ish miles I ran at the marathon in my vibrams.

After it bursts, I usually feel some tenderness, and I had been feeling it all day, which is how I figured out it was gone.

That night, after going outside barefoot a few times early that afternoon, I lay in bed and I could feel an ACUTE stabbing feeling right near my cyst, every time I moved my feet in the sheets.  I was so tired I just resolved to not move the rest of the night.

I soon had a dream about cactus needles being stuck in my feet and plucking them out. There were about 5 and they were long and clear like rice noodles…it was a bizarre dream.

I woke with a start when I moved my foot and felt the pain again! I had never felt cyst pain like this.  Next I had to go to the bathroom before I could fall asleep again, and in the bathroom I decided to have a look.

There it was, lodged in my skin, a tiny little needle! Look, I didn’t send it to forensics, but I am going to go ahead and call it a piece of nature, maybe a needle from a cactus!!!—-lodged in my foot and causing me excruciating pain. It was so small, like in the millimeter category, yet so powerful.

And that is why I do not live in Arizona.

The end.


One response to “My Right Foot!

  1. Your subconscious was working hard that night as you dreamed. You are a good problem solver! Hope it heals quickly and permanently!

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