Phoenix Marathon

pemeloThis is the first time I can remember going to Phoenix, AZ and not experiencing an extreme in temperature.  The last time I went 6 years ago, I brought winter with me.  My childhood memories include HOT, HOT and more HOT.

Our weekend was so pleasant and lovely. There was no difference between inside and out. Seamless.

I ate this Pomelo.  It was delicious.


The reason for our trip was to cheer for, run and experience the Phoenix Marathon.  Jason and his brother were both signed up. This was #6 for Jason and #1 for his brother.  Their finish times were about an hour apart, so it took some strategy to try to cheer for both of them.

before after

Shane and I sat down and mapped it all out based on their pace and figured that we could stay as a group and see both runners for almost the first half, and then we would have to split off.  I wanted to run Jason in the last 4 miles because I ALWAYS feel that urge when I see him at that point in the race, and I needed to run that anyway for my half marathon training.

Our plans went really well up until about mile 16…and then everything went to pot.

We had a traffic situation because of the marathon and got behind Jason.  I was dropped off around mile 21 and I was about 15-2o minutes behind him.  I took a few shortcuts, hitch-hiked twice and finally ran a roundabout way to try to at least be there shortly after he finished.  That’s what ended up happening–I never caught up, but finished right after he did.  I was disappointed to miss him crossing the finish line but SUPER proud of Lolly for seeing it!  She spotted him!


It was a personal best for J, knocking off 2 minutes from his last record. 3:46:55

It was a wonderful trip to spend time with Jason’s parents and his brother’s family.


Since the kids have gotten older, they enjoy each other so much, and it was wonderful to be a part of that.  Our last night there we had a campfire, and that was probably my favorite part.

firePS. We sured missed our Phoebz.



3 responses to “Phoenix Marathon

  1. There’s nothing like campfire moments. It’s really magical and better still with smores! Happy for you to have eventful family time.

  2. Way to go Slim J & Shane!


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