Wee Willy

wee willyI know everybody says this, but serious business here, my baby is a looker.

And it’s a good thing, because I did drop her on her head, and so did her sister, so if all else fails, at least she has her looks.

I have been thinking a lot about it and asking around and decided, I needed to get an appointment with the Big Dawgs.

Ford Kids went out of business a month ago, so Generation and Wilhelmina were next.  I hit them both up, both offered meetings, and after some research and thought, took the Willy appointment.

Here’s how it went:

Email Notification that we were invited to their baby day: Please arrive at this specific time, no earlier than 5 minutes before. Please bring 5 snapshots and an information sheet filled out, and of course, your baby. No strollers allowed, no miscellaneous people allowed.

I assumed we would be having a brief individual meeting based on the specificity of the time.  When I arrived, I was surprised to find so many babies hanging out with apparently the exact same time as me!  I put Pickle on the rug so that she could feel comfortable…shed my coat and hers and settled in to wait.

I made some small talk with other parents who all (to me) appeared to be first timers at parenting and modeling appointments.  An appointment like this was new to me too, but I felt comfortable, given my background.  All the other babies were on the couch or being held by their parents.

The agent came out with a few assistants and began speaking. Pickle started clapping for her, and the agent pointed that out.  1 point, Pickle.

She took attendance and then gave a schpeel while her assistants collected our materials. She shared industry info, none of which was new to me, about protocol, casting etiquette yadda yadda yadda and I listened to her.  It was funny because all around babies were vocalizing, being bounced, eating snacks.  Parents seemed quite preoccupied with their babies.  One Mom just sat on the couch with the baby still asleep in the ergo, so the agent couldn’t even see him.  Some parents were bouncing while standing BEHIND the agent WHILE she was talking to US (bizarre).  I concentrated on making a connection by listening and making eye contact.

At the end of her speech she turned the time over to her assistant who added to her wisdom and then told us they would be sending out contracts that afternoon, “so look for some mail next week and if you don’t get mail, your child is cute but we are looking to fill just a few spots on our boards”….and then it was over.

It was brief! I was so glad that I had made a tiny effort to make some sort of impression given that I never got my brief one-on-one meeting.  Most of the other parents seemed surprised at the brief and abrupt manner of it all.  I was kind of stoked it was so short and left hoping for that envelope….

which arrived a few days later….as Jason texted back to me when I told him the news: “It was the clapping.”

Here we go.



2 responses to “Wee Willy

  1. SO AWESOME!!!!

  2. Catherine Adler

    Congrats Pickle! I expected nothing less from a member of the Glass team!

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