First Job

After 5 months of sending updated photos and info to my agent, Pickle FINALLY got a go-see.  She went in mid-February and was booked for the last week in February for 3 days!

Of course she was!  Lolly had had 27 jobs by the time she was 8 months old (yikes), so I have been a bit disappointed with her “representation”.

I digress.

The client booked MANY MANY babies. She was booked as a back-up baby for 2 days and a primary for day 3.  She got on set on the first day, even though she was booked as back up.  I was SO HAPPY that Sally the baby wrangler was there.  I have learned a LOT from watching her over the years.  She took Pickle and they went on set together and had a jolly old time. I watched the shots come through on the monitor and I have to admit, I was pretty proud.

Unfortunately, that was her only time on set. Boo.  We did a lot of playing, eating, rolling around, napping and hanging out for 3 days.  We had fun, she earned $$ equivalent to what will probably be a textbook (if they exist then) in college some day.

pickle jobI will be on the prowl to find the tear for this in May….and of course I will update you then!  Yeah Pickle!



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