My Loves


My life dream us to hear something astonishing and spit out my water (do a spit take)  After she said that, we tried to come up with astonishing things to say.

Tagging an instagram photo of me in high school as #oldendays

You are reading Harry Potter for the first time…each week when you finish a book, we watch the movie.  During Movie 4 you were getting so mad and  I asked you why we were watching it then and you said: This is the reason we’re watching it- so I can be really mad at it (lolly nods in obvious agreement)

Wanting to participate in Lolly’s idea to have us ALL wear pigtails like Pickle, but wanting to be cool too, so you went with lower pigtails.

Watching you hang out with the middle schoolers at your school gives me heart palpitations.

You are handling all of this middle school nonsense (auditions, tests, interviews) like a champ.

Liking the Raspberry salad dressing-good for you…and eating oatmeal in the morning–you are growing up!

Thinking that your school picture outfit DEFINITELY needs a touch of neon green.

Mom, not every girl gets to spend an entire weekend just with her Grammy and her. (so glad you didn’t bat an eye when I told you you had to miss our family trip to AZ because of an unexpected middle school callback-way to go!)


L: You know beaver day?

Me: Ground hog?

L: I don’t know what a round hog is…

Me: It’s like a beaver

We were listening to This American Life on the radio in the car and you had a bajillion questions.  Clearly story-telling for adults is much more sophisticated than for children: Whose Timothy? Why is he acting like a Werewolf?  Why do they want him to go to a special school?

Me: How does this fridge get so empty so fast?
L: We’re skinny but we eat!

me: Lolly, you need to be quiet because people are praying and thinking about Jesus.

L: I don’t have cheezits.

Me: Jesus. People are thinking about Jesus.

L: I thought you said cheezits.

(Seriously, are we having the same conversation?)

Mom, I just wish I could LIVE in the hotel we stayed at at Disney World.  I want you to listen to me right now and I am going to tell you about my life. (looks me in the eye–very deeply, touches her chest) My life. I just want MY LIFE to be fun and I want to live in that hotel at Disney World. And the workers would teach me things and then maybe we would take a stroll through the gift shop and get to pick out something less than 25 dollars.  Maybe if we found something for a dollar, we could get 24 of them…..(and on on)

Mom! You need to buy me some more seaweed, I really CHUNKED it down.


A major crisis at work took over your entire weekend but you handled it with a lot of grace—staying chill and cool.  When you had a break through moment you did a little jig (around 11 PM)

I asked Jason: Do you think animals find joy in their offspring/parenthood? his response: of course! Look at Simba and Mufasa!

Really and Truly not knowing about the surprise!

Dancing during your party even though I don’t think you really wanted to.

You did not want to wake up Pickle, so you went outside to move the car with only socks on, because your shoes were in the room where she was sleeping.


You are just so cute.

A little Brazilian boy on the subway was trying to engage you.  I was giving him tips, and his mom would translate. He was always so proud of himself every time you smiled at him.

You were so brave at your job.  I put you down and you played with all the toys and made friends with the other babies….and you did your smiles on set without me!

Finally getting the eating thing-even letting Phoebz feed you!

Whenever you see Dad you raise your hand up as if to wave it–big gummy smile

Great job on your first casting! I was seriously so proud of you for smiling on command!  Way to go!

Two words: Wilhelmina Kids. Way to go little sugar booger.


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  1. Always an honor to be mentioned in the “Loves”

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