My friend had a baby last week.  I offered to bring her some food and she responded with the hospital visiting hours. I wasn’t expecting this, so I jumped at the chance to visit her 9 hour old baby.

I bought her some snacks that I would have wanted had I just pushed a baby out, and rushed over to the exact hospital, exact floor where Pickle was born.

I walked at a fast pace to the elevator and had a flash of that time back on the 18th of June (in my neon pink khakis and glitter eyes), when I breezed by a woman CLEARLY in labor, willing my body to mimic that as soon as possible.

I walked down the hall and felt stillness and heard babies practicing with their new sounds.  I saw what looked like a pediatrician, wheeling a baby into a room and asking about Barbara (my midwife). I secretly hoped to bump into her.

I found the room number for my friend and opened the door with a gentle knock and there she was, holding that brand new life, the pinkest baby I have ever seen…and I welled up.

There is simply nothing like that moment when you become a mother and hold that floppy baby against your chest.

As we chatted, another new mom was wheeled in.  She looked sadder then sad, and I smiled at her and said: “you did it.”  As I continued to listen I figured out she had had a c-section and was in a lot of pain.

The nurses were in and out, and at one point one looked at Pickle and said: “That is NOT helping my birth control!”  I couldn’t believe that a woman who interacts with these new babies AS HER JOB, was moved more by the pickle than that brand new one across the room.

Before I left I asked my friend if she needed anything, and she needed to use the restroom. I sat Pickle on the floor (there was nowhere else!–the nurse freaked out a little that she was on the floor of a hospital–mentioned mersa–whoops!), and I held that baby.  At one point Pickle spilled orange juice all over the floor and I even rescued her WHILE holding that baby…2 babies–I got this!

Sometimes it is the smallest of moments that tell you where you are.  And where I am, is wanting to hold a baby like that again, only, my own.


3 responses to “Babies

  1. I don’t blame you! You’d double your fun with another one!

  2. I have to admit that there is something about Pickle that does that to a woman, She has been one of about 3 babies that have make me wish for another baby.. I am done afer 6 and my youngest is 12 but every picture I see of Pickle makes me want one of my own. My 15 year old daughter had hair like Pickles.
    Do it! Do it! even numbers are good.

  3. Um, why did this make me cry?

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