8 Months Old

Every Month she gets another month older.  It hits me so hard, every time the 18th turns the corner.

8 months 2

This month it seems as if Pickle made so much progress.  It just proves that being sick can really hold your baby back.  It’s like from month 6 to 7, everything was on pause.  She finally cut that first tooth and got over her bronchialitis and she is making a lot of great crawling progress.  Almost everyday she gets better at the physicality required to actually make it happen.  Today I even got an action shot, with her knees in the air!

8 months

We have finally got the eating down.  Every morning she downs her yogurt and as long as her other meals resemble bananas or fruits she is good to go.  She is not an oral baby–hates binkies, rarely puts toys or her hands in her mouth…but she KNOWS what food is and whenever I am eating something, she reaches for it and puts it right in her mouth.

We love having our Pickle back.  Her personality is HAPPY HAPPY baby and she never wants to sleep.  I finally have her in a pretty good rhythm, usually getting that 10:30 nap in and sometimes she falls asleep during afternoon school pickup.  6 pm sharp is bedtime at night and she can sleep a full 12 hours.  This morning I nursed her and we snoozed for another 2! What a nice gift Pickle…thank you.

She claps here and there on her own and whenever she sees Dad she holds her hand up in salute! Hi Dad!  hand

Doesn’t she look different in Pickletails?

8 months 3



6 responses to “8 Months Old

  1. Omg, she is THE most gorgeous baby in the universe!! I have read your blog since, gosh- forever! I think since I saw your episode on “Model Moms”. I was wondering if you post some of the vegan recipes you have been making. The pictures look so delicious… And I just watched “Forks over Knives” ~ thanks your pretend friend, Katie

  2. Oh Kristy. she is SO adorable. Just like all the ladies in your family!! ;) xoxo

  3. Love the pickletails.

  4. Catherine Adler

    She does look very different in pigtails-weird huh? But still beautiful as ever! Did u ever get an agency for her? Kisses to Pippa from my girls, catheine

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