As If I could love them ANY more than I already do




9 responses to “As If I could love them ANY more than I already do

  1. Seriously…could we invite them for Thanksgiving or something?

  2. wait did you take this pic?!?! you met them?!?!!?

  3. I finally figured out what Lord Grantham is doing with his hand. Ha ha!

  4. Jennika–US Magazine….Oh Lindsay… you.

  5. I first watched Downton @ my Sewing Group’s cabin retreat last August (loved set, costumes but it lulled me to sleep) Next day I didn’t feel I had missed much. All (but me) watched 6 hours one day maybe 7 or more the next day, most had not seen any of the series. Gave it another chance this season, still dosed off until the 2 hour show a week ago, I have finally caught the bug. Hooked! I need to watch Season 3 episode 2 again to see what I missed before tomorrow’s show.

  6. Right? I died when someone sent me this!

  7. I feel the same way.

  8. Catherine Adler

    Omg! Am absolutely addicted to this show! I want have lunch w/ daisy & anna to find out downton secrets!
    I bought the season on iTunes and got all episodes, I have not watched the last 2 episodes because I am saving it for a special night!!!

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