Jason started the morning with a 17-mile run in the snow.  His usual running partner and I dug our cars out of the parking lot we both park in.  There should be a gym machine that simulates shoveling snow-muscles hurt on me that I did not know exist.


After that we had some vegan and allergy-free thai food at Spice and then headed to Dun Well Doughnuts for some delicious Vegan donuts.  We spent all of 10 minutes obtaining said doughnuts, and upon exiting Phoebe said: “That store and everyone in it was the definition of Hipster.”  We then spent the entire 15 minute ride home further defining HIPSTER.


Jason got some nice cards, including a homemade one from my parents which was pretty cute.  My gift did not arrive in time, but it will be good I think.  Pickle clapped on her own for the first time on her Dad’s 40th birthday, and even gave him a birthday kiss little sweetie.  She loves her Daddy.

snow partyWe had Snowmagedden this past weekend.  I worried that the snow would deter my guests from coming for the surprise.

Come trudge through the snow and then we’ll warm you up with some ice cream!  Thankfully our nearest and dearest did make it and made the surprise so amazing!

The ice cream of course speaks for itself.  I had my favorite: Salted Caramel…but I should have gone back for seconds–cookie monster and chocolate are OH SO GOOD. If you are ever in NYC, you must visit Malu.  Our Resident, 40-year-old Vegan had a little sorbet.  Pickle was so lucky–she got to share lots of guest’s  ice cream at the party.

We did it true NYC-style, cramming the people into the small spaces.  Here is a little snapshot of our party.  Be glad he left his hat on, you should have seen his after-the-nap hair.

When he’s 50 we will still have a little Phoebe hanging around in our Pickle….but I betcha her Dad will have lot more grey hair by then.  We had a great weekend. We are so blessed.


4 responses to “Partay

  1. A weekend you’ll all always remember! These are the best types of memories for our lives!

  2. Another great surprise to add to your resume!

  3. I’m DYING over the video! Looks so fun!!! Glad he was surprised and everyone showed up to share the love! Way to go

  4. Now I feel like I was a guest because I’ve been in that charming, shop with super yummy ice cream. Everyone was loving it! Way to go party girl and birthday “man”. Can’t call him a boy anymore I guess.

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