Butt in gear.

This week I had 1 goal: get up and get to the gym

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Today I did it.  Wednesday I thought hard about it, and even laid out my clothes the night before, but it didn’t happen.  I blamed it on Jason not being back by 6 AM (I think he got back at 6:02), and the fact that the Tuesday squats made the Wednesday legs pretty sore.

I didn’t work super hard, but I did workout.  I went to bed earlier each night so that I could handle getting up and going for it.

I still feel tired.  Every day around 2 I just feel SO SO SO drowsy.  It’s reminding me of the coke-in-the-afternoon days (I gave up caffeinated soda years ago).  I have just STRUGGLED this week. Jasons all: But don’t you feel more energetic now that you are exercising again?

And I’m all: Nope

My Pickle apparently doesn’t feel tired.  She doesn’t sleep much during the day.  I am not complaining about the night at all–11 hours! woot! But a break during the day would be welcome!


Those eyes right?


2 responses to “Butt in gear.

  1. Those eyes are gorgeous!

  2. Catherine Adler

    Your daughter period! , she is “scoopable”! As I say about my 3 year old! ;)

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