Pickle Time

Trying to get Pickle to eat is like me pulling out all my baby wrangling stops and entertaining her beyond any photoshoot I have ever been on and her either crying or staring at me like this.  It’s a drag.

eatingGranted, I was feeding her spinach/apples/rutabega at this particular feeding time and she did get a rash and then vomit within a half hour, so maybe she was allergic to it, but still.

Lately I have had better success if I hold both of her wrists in my left hand and spoon the food in with my right, and alternating with pounding a pencil on the table when she starts crying to startle her out of crying.  I decided to be my OWN baby food therapist. Necessity is the mother of invention right? So, I’m inventing it as I go.


2 responses to “Pickle Time

  1. You are not alone! I can’t get my 19 month old to eat! I am taking her to a thereapist this month. All she want to do is drink milk. She used to eat at least two things carrots and pears, but now she doesn’t even want to eat those things. Hang in there, I know it can be very frustrating. The crazy thing is my other three ate like champs!

  2. #3 hated baby food and was impossible to feed too. We were on almost all solids (and BM) by 9 months, no baby food. She much preferred real food. Maybe the same is true for Pickle?

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