Let the Party Season Begin!

Jason was asking me about my goals for 2013 and I basically told him my goals were all about parties. Let’s party in 2013.  It’s not on purpose, just kind of a lot of special events this year.  We now have a 5th birthday during birthday season and Lolly’s baptism and a few marathons and yadda yadda yadda.

The first party to kick us off was a baby shower for a new friend of mine who is having a boy! I saw a pacifier with a mustache on it at Paper Source and the theme for the shower was born.

mustache 2

I know–Mustaches, Little Man…NOT original AT ALL, but I didn’t care. I just went for it.  I found Sarah Goldschadt’s Craft-a-day to be very helpful in making the banner, photobooth props and onesies.  She was also the inspiration for my do-it-yourself photobooth.

A note on the background.  I wanted a mustache print paper for the background.  I was running out of time before the shower and it was like a bajillion degrees below zero here.  As a result I found myself driving to Brooklyn Paper Source with a sleeping baby in my car.  I called and asked them to gather me some mustache papers and provide me with some curb side service.  They were so accomodating, but if I had gone in, I would have realized I needed double the paper.  To make it stretch, I decided to checkerboard it. It’s alright, but I would have liked it to all be one or the other. NEXT TIME (sooner than you think!)

mustache 3

I was really pleased with all the onesies we sent our Mama home with. I hope she will always remember this little shower we had for her baby boy.  I made the bottom right.  Awesome. Check out the truck one of our guests made incorporating the mustache as bumpers! what?! Love creativity.


After the shower Jason was cleaning up and threw away my garland. I was pretty sad.  I gave him a hard time about it mostly because he was unapologetic, but then he finally understood that I was actually pretty upset and said he was sorry.  I forgave him.

1 Party down….lots more to go!


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