My Loves


I suggested she use a blue scarf as the water for her squinkie cruise ship….later she said: Thanks for the inspiration mom!

Calling aHeadshot a Headchop

Thanking me for things a lot…whenever I have gotten you something or done something for you, you are really showing appreciation.

Telling me you LOVE me…..

Having an all day epic playdate and at the end of the day telling me you missed me!

Loving the Geronimo Stilton Paradise series.

Saying you want to be The Bee’s sister because she loves you so much…instead of Pickle. (who is moody and hard to crack)

Writing the tooth fairy an epic note with a ton of questions. LOVING the answers she gave.


I said to Pickle: Wilhelmina wants to meet you!

J: you gonna get her a haircut or anything?

You picked up a wad of hair from the shower that was clearly hair from my head (I am still losing it in chunks), and you ask: Did you shave today? (seriously?)

We watched a tivoed Mentalist and it finished and the local news came on. We never watch the local news, but for some reason we just kept sitting there watching it, and then we realized it was at least a week or two old. It was pretty awesome. Out. of. Touch.

Admitting to each other that we both secretly thought maybe we had lost our Pickle.  (She was not herself for about a month after she got her 6-month vaccines….we worried maybe she had had a bad reaction that had led to a change–something in her brain like some stories you hear on the news.)


I let you walk with friends sometimes instead of with me, and you just walk right by me like I am invisible. Growing up TOO fast.

You are VERY enthusiastic when you play the wii

When I beat you at Just Dance 4, you were all: how is that possible? I am the BEST dancer in the family. (apparently not.)

I took you to your audition for middle school, and in true Phoebe fashion, you  followed the adult taking you to the room and did not look back. After it was over I loved hearing about your experience.  Mom, one girl read a poem and not a monologue! Mom, one girl did a scene from Charlie Brown and was just quiet during the line that was supposed to be there– and she pronounced Linus, Linius! I was feeling nervous when I saw how many people were there, but when I saw everyone’s audition, I felt like I really have a good chance.  The judges sang along WITH me at the end of my song! (Which, I take to mean, she was really selling it and comfortable enough that they felt they could do that…..if a child was struggling with their piece, they would never do that right? In case they might throw them off?–anaylizing…analyzing…always)

Listening to you sing Taylor Swift and then embellished primary songs to Pickle Sunday morning. She loved it.


You start to move a little bit when you hear music.  Dancing!

You have started giving me kisses here and there.

Eating!  You HATE IT.  I have been able to get some food in that mouth when I hold your hands together and bang on the table to pull you out of your crying.

You have had your first fevers this month.  Finally I am getting some cuddling from you!

You are not yourself this month, so when you do break out and giggle, we are so happy to have you back with us again.


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