Glass Posse Now coming to you live from

My new computer!

Jason surprised me and ordered this!  I got a teeny tiny receipt printed out in a card on Christmas day and a few weeks later it was here!

The box arrived and I thought it was Pickle’s high chair.  I let it sit around for half the day until I realized it was MY COMPUTER!  I unpacked it and put it on my desk and then spent the next 10 minutes (which seriously seems like SUCH A LONG TIME when you have a brand new computer sitting there) to find the power cord that got lost in the styrofoam.  When I finally had it turned on that familiar APPLE CHING sound made me pretty giddy.

It is so big and bright and my neck hurts a little from looking up at it….but it is seriously making blogging sooooooo fun.

new computerIt’s big.



5 responses to “Glass Posse Now coming to you live from

  1. Inspiring. What a glorious device.

  2. I will never forget when Dad brought home our first black and white Apple computer and the sound it made when we all stood there and turned it on for the first time!

    • Ditto, except it definitely was in color cause there was no way I was doing Kid Pix in black and white.


      “Oh no!”

      Computers have come a long way.

      • I agree- I think it was in color too. and the CHING took a lot longer to hear….we all thought it might be broken.

  3. Hmmmmmm… Dad and I must have looked at black and white and then he surprised us with a color one!

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