Middle School

middle schoolHere is something I dislike about living in New York City: Navigating the Public School System.  Fortunately, it has actually worked out very well for us, but we have reached another crossroads: Middle School.  When I was growing up, and I think this is still true for most of America….I went to my neighborhood elementary school which fed into my middle school which fed into my high school.  I just went to school…..

The School Phoebz currently attends is a k-8 school, soon to be k-12.  There are, however, points along the way where you must re-audition to stay in the school. A few years ago the kids in 5th grade knew by December if they would return and then they would either begin a plan to change course or just stay put.  Now we find out in May, which means we are required to work on a Plan B.

Oh the uncertainty!

Thankfully I have come a long way over the years and I have chosen not to stress out about this…just go through the motions, step by step and exercise faith that everything will work out.  Step 1 of many began this past week with an audition for one of our middle school choices for plan B.  Phoebe carefully prepared material, dressed in an outfit that made her feel confident, smiled for her photo and stayed warm in a cab on her way over there.

I was mostly worried about picking up Lolly on time and getting Pickle to the doctor, so it was not an emotional afternoon for me at all.  I was so happy to hear that Phoebe did well, and she felt great about it!

Now we wait.



One response to “Middle School

  1. to blogland: Phoebe performed her monologue for me at Christmas-time, and it was so good and so moving…I cried.

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