Vogue Knitting Live

vkl 1Last year Vogue Knitting Live was SO INSPIRING.  I picked out two projects there that were a big challenge for me, and I sincerely believe they moved me up a level or two in my knitting skeelz.  This year I had a different perspective, I felt I could do anything–even that cap sleeved, turtleneck dress there from Vogue Knitting’s Fall Issue. It’s BEAUTIFUL in person.

I really wanted to make a giant chunky cableknit blanket from that ridiculous alpaca, but it was $200- a skein and required 3 skeins, so I passed on that project.  I went with my new friend Ariel, who I taught to knit in about 10 minutes, and who promptly just knit up a few awesome cowls and is now working on a 3-d fox scarf- What?  She had the cutest outfit on.  Angela was one of my VKL partners last year so she knew what we were in for-which was almost 5 hours of fiber madness.

This year I ended up with some mini koigu’s to add to future Cowls I plan on making and a teeny tiny viking kit to knit for Cecilie (who is of Norwegian Viking Descent).  I am excited about all of it.



2 responses to “Vogue Knitting Live

  1. Helen Knowles

    Love the pink and grey scarf – wish you were closer. We have a great yarn shop close to our house that is going out of business – they have the most beautiful yarns., some similar to the yarns on the upper left panel of your photos. Wish I could figure out more than a single crochet – I’d be broke buying yarn if I knew what I was doing.

  2. Karen Hrycyna

    I am trying to find a pattern for the fox scarf that one of the vendors was wearing in 2012. Is that the 3D fox scarf you are referring to? I didn’t ask last year and am now unable to find a pattern that well done. Can you direct me as to where to purchase it? Thank you. Karen5684@optonline.net

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