I worked for Macy’s a few times this past month.  The most fun shoot was for their Mother’s Day campaign.  It was so beautiful and I worked with very cute children and the most BEAUTIFUL Brazilian models.  Legs forever I tell you.  Like seriously the top of one model’s leg I swear lined up with my saggy milky boobs.

It’s always fun to work with the photographer Liz Von Hoene because she takes the most beautiful photographs.  The last time I worked with her was as a model in a Marriott Courtyard Weddings ad, and I got what I thought was my period that day—turns out I was getting a Pickle! Needless to say, we had a lot to catch up on.

The other Macy’s day was for their weekly ads.  We can have a little more fun on set there because there is much less pressure.  We usually have a ton of looks to shoot and want to keep the kids and babies happy, so they are on set and off again…in and out.

That morning my babies were not super happy, and one in particular did a very dramatic hand to forehead-bending his body in half to place the palm of his hand to the floor.  It was awesome. It deserved a caption.

The highlight of that day was meeting Breaker Novogratz.  I was a fan of 9 By Design….mostly because they have 7 children–I mean…come on, how awesome is that.  For some reason 7 is awesome, but 19…not so much.  We had a fun time talking between looks and even getting some 80’s aerobics moves on.  I was also excited to catch up with Scott Patric….it’s fun to see him on Project Runway doing all the models makeup.

wranglingJust so you know, the look for spring is messy up-dos….just observing all the crazy hair coming to the set.  And I was reminded of the song Thrift Shop. I am not a fan of the f bomb, but for some reason it works in the song, so much so that I can’t buy the clean version, so I won’t own that song. : (



3 responses to “Wrangling

  1. hahaha — who introduced you to Thrift Shop? The Grizz has seen Macklemore in concert like three times.

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