Spy Kit

Lolly loves to pretend she is a spy. Playing spy involves gathering tiny trinkets into one receptacle and giving them each a purpose.  A slinky can send a message, a notebook has secret spy information in it, etc.

spy 1

When we were at Brooklyn Charm she fixated on some pendants that were a compass, telescope and magnifying glass.  Her obsession with this helped to solidify an idea I already had forming in my head, which was to surprise her on Christmas morning with a proper spy kit.

Premade, ready-to-buy spy kits would not do, this had to be put together by me.  I turned to amazon and etsy for ideas, and it came together swimmingly.

The best part about it, is that the few days leading up to Christmas, without ANY planting-of-ideas by me, she started fixating on wanting a spy kit, and even came up with the idea of it being in an “attache case” (yes!).  When asked, my husband did NOT know what an attache case was, but I did, and I knew I had already bought her one (double yes!)

When we have Christmas at my Mom’s house, I have everything shipped directly to her.  It is a little risky, and in this case proved such when some of the items I ordered were not quite right.  For example, the attache case was on the small side and flimsy (fail), and the book safe smelled so strongly of mildew that I just could not give that as a gift.  Luckily I have amazon prime, so I quickly ordered a proper attache case and added on the handcuffs that “others bought”.

spy 2

What is inside a proper spy kit?  A pocketknife made of wood (so that nobody gets hurt), handcuffs, binoculars, telescope, compass, magnifying glass, clear bottle with screw-off lids (for the poison!), a glove with a mustache on the index finger (for a disguise), laser beams (courtesy of my sister who had a few extra), and a spy belt to hold it all in when you are on the go.  That was probably the hardest thing to buy because it is for an adult…but she seemed to love it all the same.

It has been pretty awesome to see my 7 year old carry around a briefcase and slink around the house spying.  It was one of my most favorite gifts of Christmas.  Be on the look out for Agent Evil O, she may be spying on you.


2 responses to “Spy Kit

  1. I had a very restful sleep knowing Lolly was armed with her spy tools and sleeping right at the door. She assured us all that she could handle whatever came our way.

  2. Sounds like a “perfect” gift!

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